When Nirvani and Carlos came to inquire about their wedding photography I was thrilled to see their energetic charisma.  Once they gave me the green light, I was anxiously waiting for their big day.  And that day finally came this weekend.  The ceremony was held at Deewan banquet hall followed by the reception at Space the following day.  I asked if Nirvani can put some words together on how they met and here's what she wrote.

A girl with a bad attitude and a man who was overly confident met their life partner & best friend minutes after the ball dropped. Our story truly began on NYE 2012, although we were at the same events multiple times for a few years we never acknowledged each other. Two complete opposites managed to connect due to their love, sense of humor, culture and booger collection. Three years later Nirvani found herself engaged to the man she always dreamed of spending her life with, but that came with the baggage of Carlos’ love for Harry Potter. Throughout the years our love and passion for each other grew stronger than either of us could imagine. Five years and counting we continue to teach each other life lessons and can not wait to pass these lessons on to our children, hopefully soon =).  

Below are some pics of how their day went and how wild their reception was.  It was an honor capturing their big day.